About Us

Elika's Dress Code is an American clothing label based in Maryland and founded by a group of young fashion passionate entrepreneur.

Elika's Dress Code strives to provide Women of any age , ethnicity and figure premium quality , affordable, chic and elegant items designed to make you feel sexy and confident.

We stand behind Our mission which is to empower and motivate women around the globe to achieve a better state of mind and body using fashion.

We offer a variety of designs to choose from and our stylish and elegant fashion dresses are tailored to satisy most of modern girls and women needs.

We are your one-stop solution for trendy and fashionable items. Whether you are planning to pick a classy dress for a special occasion or just need a casual attire, we have you covered. No matter what pattern or style you are searching for, at Elika's Dress Code you will get it all. Once you’ve try our designs, you will no longer look the same and you will fetch compliments from one and all.

Here are some more reasons to shop at Elika's Dress Code

  • All our products are personally inspected to ensure premiun and highest quality.
  • We take great care and caution to ensure on time processing and delivery of all orders.
  • We believe in offering value for money that's why our products are made using advanced technology and superior-quality materials.
  • Our range is unique, elegant and available at highly affordable prices.
  • We offer quick, efficient, reliable and trustworthy services.
  • We  provide 100% customer satisfaction.
  • We  understand that there are a variety of stores available on the web. However, when you choose us, you can be rest assured that you  won’t be disappointed!

Feel free to browse through our catalog and pick your favorite items and products today, and leave us a message if you have any comment or looking for a specific item that is not available in our shop.